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Optical and acoustic voltage tester with LED pocket torch. The safe aid for contactless finding of a.c. voltages on wiring connections (e,g, luster terminals where the lamps to be connected), sockets, switches, cablereels, connections and junction boxes, fuse boxes in the basement, etc. The built-in sensor on the field of the voltage-carrying part reacts and then optically and acoustically displays the operational state (if the part is live). That is safety - pure and simple. Thus the lamp can be safely connected without calling in a specialist The tracing of breaks in wiring (even beneath plaster), burnt-out fuses, switching faults, faulty bulbs in light chains,etc. is possible with this. The additional high-performance LED pocket torch is a valuable aid in almost every circumstance and especially in a dark basement if a fuse should happen to be burnt-out. Testing range 110-1000 V~/CATIII 1000 V. Type of protection IP44. 3 years warranty. Size 160x25 mm

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