"Old Smoky" Steamroller Construction Kit Wilesco from Westfalia Mail Order

* Brass boiler highly-polished and nickel finished * Diameter 45 mm, length 185 mm * Boiler capacity 230 cm³ * With a water level indicator in the form of an inspection glass * Double acting, firmly fixed brass cylinder with a flywheel of 80 mm diam that can be actuated in both rotating directions and therefore moves backwards and forwards * Spring safety valve * Steam shut off valve * Steam pipe * Steam jet oiler * Catwalk * Smoking chimney stack * Control wheel with chain steering * Drive pulley * Can also be used as a stationary steam engine * Running time approx 15 minutes * Anodised aluminium roller wheels * Painted in several colours * Length 320 mm, Width 150 mm, Height 200 mm, Weight 1.9 kg.

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