"Old Smoky" Steamroller Construction Kit Wilesco from Westfalia Mail Order

It has a Mirror polished and nickel plated boiler, with a diameter of 1.8", length 7.3", boiler capacity 14 in, with water gauge glass. Double action reversible brass cylinder, with flywheel, spring loaded safety valve, steam regulator, steam whistle, steam jet oiler and footbridge. Features: * Brass boiler highly-polished and nickel finished * Diameter 45 mm, length 185 mm * Boiler capacity 230 cm³ * With a water level indicator in the form of an inspection glass * Double acting, firmly fixed brass cylinder with a flywheel of 80 mm diam that can be actuated in both rotating directions and therefore moves backwards and forwards * Spring safety valve * Steam shut off valve * Steam pipe * Steam jet oiler * Catwalk * Smoking chimney stack * Control wheel with chain steering * Drive pulley * Can also be used as a stationary steam engine * Running time approx 15 minutes * Anodised aluminium roller wheels * Painted in several colours * Length 320 mm, Width 150 mm, Height 200 mm, Weight 1.9 kg.

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