EXOGLO Body-Warmer PRO Heated Body-Warmer & Power Pack Colour PURPLE Size 16 from Advanced MP3 Players

Description The EXO2 Body-Warmer PRO is the ultimate winter gadget to warm your cockles the Body-Warmer PRO is not only a state of the art military grade heated garment but is also very stylish and available in a choice of colours. Its understated appearance disguises some pretty sophisticated technology below the stitching. This Scottish technology uses three FabRoc heating panels - one large kidney panel and two chest panels. FabRoc is a unique rubber-like fabric that provides even heat when voltage is supplied. Unlike the way an electric blanket works there are no wires or any possibility of a short circuit. FabRoc is also completely waterproof and machine washable. The EXOGLO Body-Warmer PRO is supplied with a removable rechargeable 12v battery that slips into a specially designed pocket. There are three levels of winter warmness to choose from with level three lasting for about two and a half hours. There is a remote control allowing for a rapid heat rise or descent depending on the conditions and how your feeling. Summary The EXO2 Body-Warmer PRO has got to be one of this winters must have gadgets keeping your innards up to your optimum operating temperature with a choice of 3 heat settings and a rechargeable 12v power pack and remote control truely awesome! Features The body-warmer PRO uses the finest Primaloft insulation which combined with 3 FabRocĀ® heating panels - one large kidney panel and two chest panels creates a cocoon of heat. Two way zip provides added comfort when sitting down and side poppers create an adjustable fit. This product is supplied with the EXO2 12V rechargeable power pack and charger. 12V power pack also has remote control for extra freedom. The ExoGlo jacket offers 2 - 5 hours of heating time depending on which power pack used and ...

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